→“I need more Richard Armitage on my dash” (951 of ?)

“I need more Richard Armitage on my dash” (951 of ?)


Richard Armitage on set of Urban and the Shed Crew
(via Instagram and Facebook)


Richard Armitage on set of Urban and the Shed Crew

(via Instagram and Facebook)

Robert Carlyle and Michael Shanks - Proto-Encryption
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Rush: Every code that’s ever been cracked, every cipher in the last two millennia has been based on those who came before them. This code, however, is so old, there may be no known predecessor.
Student: You’re talking about a proto-encryption.
Rush: Exactly, right.
Student: How do we attack it with no basis, then?
Rush: None of you. Nothing. None of you see any pattern in this? So what good are you lot, then? Why are you here?
Student: There’s symbols up there I’ve never even seen before!
Rush: Yes you have! Yes you have, because I have, and you are all me!
Student: What’s he talking about?
Rush: Get out! All of you - just get out!
Jackson: It’s not their fault.
Rush: Yeah, I know. I’m the one who can’t solve it, despite the fact it’s right in front of me.
Jackson: Have you given any thought to what we talked about?
Rush: Oh yeah. I’m gonna fail at that, too.
Jackson: I’m sorry?
Rush: Solving the issues of dialing the ninth chevron. I’ll devote two and a half years of my life to that. Meanwhile my wife is gonna spend her dying days alone, while I’m off. Out. Trying to solve that little problem. And then some kid, some big child, with no meaningful education, is gonna jump in at the last moment… and solve it just like that. No sense of ambition. Spends most of his time playing ridiculous games, yet he’s the genius I’ll never be. He’s the one that should be here now, seeing what I’m seeing.
Jackson: Look, obviously you’re not yourself right now. I do understand what it is you’re going through.
Rush: Yeah, I know.
Daniel Jackson: I lost my wife. There was nothing I could do to save her. It’s a terrible helpless feeling.
Rush: Yeah, my wife’s not the answer. Data does come quicker when I’m with her, but quick isn’t gonna help me if I can’t interpret. There’s patterns I’m just not seeing.
Jackson: I’m just saying: if you need time, take it. Be with her. That’s more important right now. That’s more important than anything.
Rush: Yes, thanks. You’ve been really helpful.
Jackson: Your nose is bleeding.


Arkenstoned ‏@coniivader 5m When people say that #RichardArmitage is not attractive.


Arkenstoned ‏@coniivader 5m
When people say that #RichardArmitage is not attractive.



Project Magazine photoshoot by Matt Holyoak.  Project Magazine is an iPod only magazine.  To see the July 2011 article click here.  There was a short video created from this photoshoot click here.  Photos from Armitage Online Russia (X)

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Oh, the things I want to do to him!


Thorin + barrel



I drew visuals for what we know so far about the naughty dwarf calender based off of this post. I also may actually make this into a real calender once we get more info about the other months!

I’ve also tweeted this to the respective cast members but they haven’t seen it yet because they were probably over flooded with notifications from hobbitcon because I have the worst timing OTL please help me get them to notice these drawings by retweeting them from here!


Thorin Oakenshield’s Resume:

  • King under the Mountain
  • Skilled warrior
  • Singer and harper
  • Terrible with directions
  • Master of Insults

Up Close & Personal, Post # 54198745963 of ????Others in the series are here Photo by Andy McCartney, 2002.  Armitage Online Russia 


Up Close & Personal, Post # 54198745963 of ????
Others in the series are here 
Photo by Andy McCartney, 2002.  Armitage Online Russia 


Richard Armitage : How to melt your heart in one easy step
Part I - Part II

Heinz Kruger in Captain America
Claude Monet
in The Impressionists
Percy Courtenay
in Miss Marie Lloyd
Alec Track
in The Golden Hour
Lucas North
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Thorin Oakenshield
in The Hobbit


Live acting is a kind of adventure sport. I don’t go abseiling or snowboarding, but I sometimes think that stepping out on stage can have the same kind of adrenaline rush."

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Richard 'the forehead game is strong with this one' Armitage [x]